WOW TBC Classic – Notable Early-Game Quests for the Draenei

The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC) promises many new features for you to explore, when the gates of the Dark Portal finally re-open on 1st June 2021.

If you’re amongst the many WOW Classic players who are currently looking forward to the game’s latest story expansion, then you must already know about the Alliance-tied Draenei race, former people of the Eredar faction.

Refugees from their own planet of Argus (ravaged by Sargeras’ Burning Legion), they are mighty warriors capable of attuning themselves to magic, besides being physically strong and robust too.

If you’re all set to become the next Draenei warrior in WOW Classic during Pre-Patch, here are some introductory quests which you should know about, levelling up for the first five (5) levels:


Objective: Kill ten (10) Blood Elf Scouts, before reporting to Tolaan in Ammen Vale.

– Your first encounter with the Blood-Elves (as the Draenei), this would also be your first ‘real’ combat engagement with one of the game’s important races.

– Being very early on throughout your journey, the difficulty here is definitely something you shouldn’t be worried about, though.

Possible rewards choose one

  • Weathered Cloth Armour
    • 10 armour
    • Level 5
  • Weathered Leather Vest
    • 33 armour
    • Level 5

Weathered Mail Tunic

    • 67 armour
    • Level 5

QUEST: BLOOD-ELF SPY (Level 3 – 5)

Objective: Slay Surveyor Candress, before informing Vindicator Aldar in Ammen Vale.

– The initial ‘Boss’ of your Draenei adventure, the fight against her will surely be a bit challenging if you come unprepared and under-levelled.

– A bit of grinding before the encounter should definitely help a long way.

Possible rewardschoose oneExodar Bastard SwordTwo-Hand

      • 7 – 11 Damage
      • 30 Attach Speed
      • Level 5

Exodar DaggerOne-Hand

      • 2 – 4 Damage
      • 60 Attack Speed
      • Level 5

Exodar ShortswordOne-Hand

      • 3 – 6 Damage
      • 10 Attack Speed
      • Level 5

Exodar MaulOne-Hand

        • 3 – 6 Damage
        • 10 Attack Speed
        • Level 5

Exodar Crossbow

    • 8 – 12 Damage
    • 50 Attack Speed
    • Level 5

Exodar StaffTwo-Hand

      • 7 – 11 Damage
      • 30 Attack Speed
      • Level 5


Objective: Kill four (4) Restless Spirits of Earth, before returning to the Spirit of the Vale.

– This first quest (Call of Earth) will only become available to you if you have chosen to become a Draenei Shaman.

– A brief difficulty spike for low-levelled players, the Restless Spirits of Earth are essentially Earth Elementals which were disturbed by the Draenei’s sudden appearance on Azeroth, due to their ship, Exodar crash landing around the area.

Rewards to obtain latercompleting Call of Earth (3)

          • Earth Totem
            • Totems which are summoned to use Earth-elemental buffs and effects
          • Stoneskin Totem
              • Totem which increases the Armour of all party members within its vicinity

            QUEST: TRAVEL TO AZURE WATCH (Level 5)

Objective: Talk to Technician Dyvuun at Azure Watch, on Azuremyst Isle.

– Although no fighting is involved for this quest (except Overworld mobs, side quests and grinding) this is essentially your first time travelling outside of your starting zone as a Draenei, reaching the small encampment of Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle.

– At Azure Watch, you will find all manner of NPCs to interact with, making it your ideal ‘headquarters’ to come back to for party gathering, resupplying or equipment upgrades.

Azure Watch houses

      • Level 5 – Level 10 quests
      • Weapon and armour merchants
      • Profession trainers
      • Class trainers

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