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Whether you’re a fan of a specific case or true crime in general, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your curiosity. The store carries a wide variety of true crime items. It offers books, magazines and newspapers about various cases, trial transcripts, and biographies about victims and criminals alike. It also stocks clothing, accessories, jewelry and home decor inspired by true crime. For those who prefer a more tangible item, the store has collectibles such as vinyl figures, key chains, and mugs. The store also has an impressive library of over 500 documentaries, movies and TV shows about real-life horrors. These can be purchased online or at the store’s physical location.

Fans can also pick up merchandise inspired by their favorite shows, such as Criminal Minds, Unsolved Mysteries and Law & Order. In addition to its selection of merchandise, crime junkie Merch the Crime Junkie Store also hosts events such as lectures, interactive workshops and book signings with notable authors. There are also tours of local crime scenes and law enforcement facilities. These events give fans an up-close look at the cases they love. For those looking to take their true crime obsession to the next level, the Crime Junkie Store has its own podcast. The show covers current topics, interviews experts and re-examines cold cases. The podcasts are available for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major podcast platforms.

Finally, anyone interested in the field of forensic science will find plenty to explore at the Crime Junkie Store. The store stocks books and instructional videos about the science of criminal investigation, such as genetic fingerprinting, crime scene reconstruction and toxicology. Overall, the Crime Junkie Store is an essential destination for true crime fans. With its wide range of merchandise and digital offerings, it’s never been easier to stay up to date on your favorite true crime cases, shows, and podcasts.”
“For those of us that are obsessed with true crime, whether we’re watching documentaries, reading articles or listening to podcasts, there’s now a way to show off our love for the genre.

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