Bitcoin and How it Actually Works in the Long Run

Exchange transactions and speculation on cryptocurrency exchanges are identical to any other. To make a profit, you need to buy cheaper, sell more expensive. That is, in the same way as with investments in ordinary currency. Naturally, the tool base and the principle of determining goals for trading are set in the same way as in the securities or forex markets. Making a profit trading virtual money will not be a problem for those who know the basics of trading in the stock market with bitcoin tumbler, securities and national currencies. Visit with the best way.

The main components that a trading participant operates on a cryptocurrency exchange can be represented by the following list: schedule; sell, buy orders for sale and purchase; history of transactions; trading volumes held on the exchange. To understand the basics of a cryptocurrency exchange, it is worth considering all of these elements in turn.

Cryptocurrency Rate Charts

The chart is the history of the course of one cryptocurrency in relation to another or to fiat money. Most often, the chart is presented in the form of Japanese candles, clearly demonstrates the development over time of the ratio of the spread difference. Spread is the difference between the currently offered, the best values for the sale (ask) and the purchase (bid) of the currency that are relevant on the exchange. Presentation of the chart in the form of Japanese candles is accepted on the stock exchange, currency exchange, as it is considered the most informative to trade. This is especially true for technical analysis.

A candlestick indicates a price movement over a certain period of time. Figure 2 shows an example showing the main elements of the candle. Charts of the same cryptocurrency pair can be presented with different time axes, for example, an hourly chart or a 15-minute chart, on which, accordingly, the unit of time is an hour or 15 minutes. One candlestick shows the values that were relevant for this period of time. The body of the candle, that is, the rectangle, is formed from the values at the time the beginning of the next period of time and its end. If the opening level is lower than the closing level, then such a candle is called bullish, painted in green or white.

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